TEXT: Ecclesiastes 9:7,9. *MEMORY VERSE:
Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men. {Proverbs 22: 29} *MESSAGE:The Almighty God at creation of man bestowed seed of fruitfulness (greatness) upon all men(Gen.1:28). And prior to the creation of man, God created the earth. According to Gen.1:11-12, God created the earth loaded with fruitfulness and the necessities the created man would need. But for him to eat it, he must till the ground (Gen.2:5; 3:23). This practically means, for man to be fruitful, be great as purposed by his Creator, he must diligently work in other for him to excavate out the hidden ingredients of fruitfulness beneath the earth. The more hardworking, diligent the man is, the greater he becomes. Today memory scripture says, diligence is an elevator that can take one to a greater height. But sorry to say this, today, many believers are swimming in abject poverty, in lack because they only fast, pray to be great without adding diligence to their spiritualism. If you are a child of God and have Spirit of God in you, aspirations and praying for greatness is not wrong. Because, it’s one of your inheritance. Seed of greatness is implanted within whoever has Jesus. 1st John 4:4 says, greater is He that is in you. Col.1:27b says, whoever has Christ in himself has a glorious (great) end. So, greatness is a heritage of every child of God. But unfortunately, many believers are not manifesting it. This is, mainly, because greatness is not dreamt out; it worked out and that takes diligence. What is diligence? It means: Careful and thorough work or effort. It’s a basic ingredient of any genuine greatness you have ever seen around you. Greatness is one of the reward of diligence. Are you a pastor, student, or you are in business? Be diligent. Put all your effort and skill in the work of your hand. Don’t just sit expecting God to do what you should do. If men with disability like the four lepers at the gate of Samaria saw ability in their disability, what are you waiting for. If the popular Pastor Nick, a man without hands and limbs can demonstrate ability to it highest order in his disability, what should be your excuse? Believing, holding unto given prophesies of greatness concerning you without diligently working for it manifestations is spiritual robbery. And it’s ocultic and equal to witchcraft. According to today’s scripture, whatever your hand finds to do, must be done well. Some people are very or partially lazy. They don’t like to work hard or work at all, but want to be great. The word of God says, ‘God will bless the work of your hands.’ So if you are lazy, what then do you expect God to bless. The laziness?
It’s a pity that some believers want to rest while they haven’t done much. God did so much before he rested.
For ideas or opportunity to be great, if you ask God, He will give you. But it takes your been diligent to make the best out of it. Proverbs 28: 19 (NLT) says, ‘A hard worker has plenty of food, but a person who chases fantasies ends up in poverty’. Sweet is a product of sweat! Keep working. Refuse to be lazy. Give that work all your best. Very soon you will see great results. I pray for you, in the name of Jesus, may you excel in whatever you do. Amen!!