STUDY GUIDE FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH IN HIS PRESENCE DAILY DEVOTIONAL By: Pst. Bamidele E. OjoMONDAY: 19th Nov. 2019 TOPIC: WHICH LOCATION ARE YOU? {ii}TEXT: Luke 16:19-26. *MEMORY VERSE: Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you {2nd Corinthians 6:17} *MESSAGE: On this same subject matter yesterday, we said, whatever class any customer paid for in an aircraft is where he or she will be positioned. So does Galatians 6:7, which was our yesterday memory verse tells us. It says, a man will reap whatever he sows. The Psalmist in Psalm chapter one warns children of God not to take counsel of the ungodly. It says we should not walk or sit in the ways of sinners and the scornful. The same message is passed to us through our memory scripture today. That, whoever is a child of God should come out from among them {unbelievers}. It says they should be separated from unbelievers; and not to touch anything that belongs to them, or that comes from them. Believers in Christ are warned not to walk in their ways, nor sit around their dwelling place. Through his story and judging from where he ended after death, without any iota of doubt, it’s seen that Lazarus which is the major character in this topic was a true believer. He was a godly man. But the question is, what was he doing at the gate of the ungodly? What was he doing at the gate of the scornful? I think we should know who a scornful is: A Scornful, or a Scorner is a fellow who despises; A person who treats others with disrespect; a fellow who disdains and scoffs others stands, their beliefs or their religions. Our scripture says, Lazarus was so belittled at the scornful richman’s gate to the extent that wandering dogs turned his wound to ice cream. I believe it was even those dogs that wounded him. According to Exodus 11:7, God said, no dog should place it tongue on any of His separated ones. So, it was an abomination for this dog to lick Lazarus’s wound. All this happened because of his wrong location. Lazarus was treated the way he was treated because of this other following reasons: {i} He walked to the gate of scornful richman. {ii} He sat on the way [the gate] of the scornful richman. Read Psalm 1:1. {3} Lazarus disobeyed God’s instruction, warning on instruction on the boundary of separation God erected between His own people and the unclean. Read today’s memory scripture, [2nd Corinthians 6:17. Could this be he couldn’t held back himself because of his financial condition! I think that’s spiritual indiscipline. Please, whatever your condition maybe in life as a child of God, don’t bow to any ungodly condition or offer. Despite the word of God on separation from unclean things, Lazarus didn’t see anything bad in meddling with it. Probably because of self satisfaction. Please listen to me my brethren, if you are a believer, no dog, which is a symbol of the ungodly, unbelievers or the wicked is permitted to touch, or raise up their tongues against you. But if you’re not a believer, you are an ice cream which they can licked up when it’s your turn to be licked as the dogs licked Lazarus to death. So, be wise and change to God’s side from this day! PARADVENTURE YOU ARE STILL AT A WRONG SIDE OF LIFE, PLEASE, JUST PRAY THE PRAYERS BELOW, AND LOOK FOR A TRUE BIBLE PREACHING, BELIEVING AND PRACTICING CHURCH TODAY, AND SURRENDER YOURSELF THERE FOR PROPER CHRISTIAN FOUNDATIONAL TRAININGS! PRAYER
  1. Father Lord thank you for your word.
  2. Confess any ungodly association you are into now, and repent of it.
  3. Oh God, let me walk in your way perpetually from now.