Daily Devotion

By: *Apst. Bamidele E.OJO*
WEDNESDAY: 6th Nov. 2019

TEXT: Genesis 38:6-26

*MEMORY VERSE:**”For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adultress will hunt for the precious life” {Proverbs 6:26}.
*MESSAGE:**Just as Satan revealed he does in Job chapter one, many ladies nowadays are also busy going to and fro looking for who to devour. Though, some men do same too. But, our focus here is on the women every rising man must beware of. Many young, mature men who had potential of been great at their appointed time had been knocked down by Jezebel, Delilah, Potiphar’s wife likes women. So, if you are standing today, or wants to stand balance in life, beware of whorish women. Just as it’s stated in everywhere I searched in the word of God, trading in the market of immorality looks sweet, but bitter. Our memory verse says immorality is a killer of precious life. This means pursuit of whorish women is as positioning one’s self before shooting gun of a hunter. 1st Corinthians 10:12 says “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall”.The fallen of Saul and Jonathan his son flabbergasted David that he lamented thus in 2. Samuel 1:25 that: “How are the mighty fallen in the midst of the battle! O Jonathan, thou wast slain in thine high places”. Very sad! The mighty fallen….? And, this fallen is from the climbed high places. Mighty men like Adam, Abraham, Samson, Elijah were brought down from the height God helped or was taking them to. Eve advised Adam to do contrary to God’s word; Sarah advised Abraham to marry Hagar; Jezebel pursued and pushed Elijah to relocate and made a grumbling which pushed him out of his powerful ministry; While Samson was brought down through honey/sweet but oily {slippery} mouth of Delilah. The fallen of the first Adam occurred through a woman. Let me briefly expose the traits in these {whorish} women the word of God our Creator is warning us to beware of: {i} Proverbs 5:3 reveals that their mouths drop sweet words like honeycomb. But the motives inside them is bitter and deceptive: {ii} It says their mouth drops as honeycomb, and sweeter than oil. This is dangerous! Sweet, but oily and slippery like oil. No wonder many mighty have been deceptively fallen by the sweetness of the mouth of ladies as these. Read Genesis 38, today’s bible text, you will see how Judah was trapped and stripped off his honour by a woman he never believed could get him down. Many men get carried away with the deceptively packaged sweet and oily parts the rampant whorish girls, ladies, even some married women display around to trapp men into their plans in our society today. When getting trapped, such men never think of the slippery part that is there to make them fall. Beloved, stay off. There is nothing special, different in these ladies. All you see in demonstration is concealment and packaging. They are like panel beating cars. The surface is carefully smoothed and painted, but the underneath is the debris you might not if their packaging is unveiled. Mouth sweet as oil. That is deceptive, coated, packaged but deadly mouth. They demonstrate to be good women before their trapping men. If you want to be great, or wants to remain great if you are already there, better beware as warned in this topic!
1. Thank You Holy Spirit for Your word of chastisement.
2. Oh God, deliver and safe me from deceptions of women as this.
3. Give me the grace to abstain from immoral life.