Philip CJ – It Was You (Prod. Jay Tony)

Philip CJ - It Was You (Prod. Jay Tony)

Aspiring gospel singers always strive to make music as effortless, enveloping, and welcoming as phenom Philip CJ. Songs like “Hear My Voice” and “Miraculous God” are composed of all organic elements, with the singer’s warm voice carrying like a breeze over instrumentals animated by dreamy, languid chords, and delicate percussion. We have Jay Tony to thank for these masterpieces.

What further sets Philip CJ apart in a crowded field is commitment to giving his tracks a real thematic weight. Often using naturalistic imagery, Philip CJ’s recent single “It Was You” is a heart-rending ballad with electronic elements around the edges, giving it structure and flourish.

Largely eschewing features in favor of building his own vibrant world, the next step for Philip CJ should be a full-length album that proves his charm only strengthens with an extended run time.

Expect him to up his output of scorched-earth  verses, and hopefully give us a more to savor if we’re lucky in 2020.Audio Player

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