NOT TRAINING HOMES, PARENTS THE SCHOOL TO BAD SOCIETY, BAD GOVERNMENT Parents, please let’s join hands together to build a good tommorow society. Very unfortunate, we are in the society where parents don’t longer caution children as the parents of the old did. A society where, children are allowed, given freedom to live the lifestyles of their choice. A society where full of immorality because many parents themselves are fans of immoral promoting, media posts, programs, actors, actresses. Galatians 6:7 says ‘Everyone shall reap according to what he or she sows. The bad character, the lifestyles, the habbit you as a parent see in your child and you don’t check or correct, or, that which you yourself practice before your children are seeds sowing/planting. Which must surely grow to a bigger tree that might be difficult to trim tommorow. The painful part of it is that, you the planter would not be the only one who will eat of it. But everyone, everywhere the tree spread it branches, roots to will partake of it. Parents should please train well, and morally.