By: Apst. Bamidele E.OJO
MONDAY: Nov. 4th 2019

TEXT: John 4:5-9

MEMORY VERSE: And the Lord said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward [Exodus 14:15]
MESSAGE: If you look at our
anchor scripture in today’s devotional, you will see that our Lord Jesus asked the woman of Samaria to give Him water to drink. Ordinarily Jews and Samaritans had no dealings with each other. Jesus was a Jew while the woman was of Samaria, and it was probably expected that there would be nothing between them. It was a forbidden in Jewish culture to have any dealings with the Samaritans, or take anything from their hands. But Jesus still asked the woman for water, just to get her attention for His own actual mission on her. Jesus target was to win her soul to God. So, He neglected the circumstance that stood as an obstacle between both of them. Really the coast was not clear, but, He made His demand not minding the road block.
Friend, whenever you encounter road blocks in the journey of life, instead of allowing the problem to take your attention, or your trust in God away and put your back on ground, try the ‘Let God take control options’. Really, when problem is around, it might be impossible to be focus or get encouraged when encouraged by anybody. In time of trouble, believing or accept to be comforted by comforting messages of the bible might just be like a mere tales story. The true is, in such a time, the best comforting and safe step to take is to is to focus and rely on one’s Creator-God. In today’s memory verse, God commanded Moses to tell the children of Israel to take their eyes off the obstacles before them, and move forward. And because they did as commanded, the red sea vanished. Beloved, in that terrible situation, knock on the doors of heaven. Cry to God and make your demands to God. When you do, you are simply asking God, saying to Him to bring the full weight of His divinity on the situation. When you make demands in the place of prayer, you are simply unlocking earthly doors with heavenly keys. Believing in God, in His word, and confessing His word concerning the better situation you want simply mean, sending your words on an errand to come back with tangible results which thinking, depression, sorrowing, suicide or whatever wrong action or mode can’t earn you.

The coast was not clear when Jesus made a demand, but after His demand, a line of communication was opened against all odds. He made a demand that cleared the coast. Make demands on God in that rough road, situation now, and you will be amazed the way that rough coast will be cleared off for a better progress. Shalom!
Lord, I come to You for help; put Your Almighty weight and break the road blocks blocking me in life, in Jesus’ name!
Glory Ahead!!!
Good morning!!!!