WEEK 1 *{8th to 15th November}* PRAYER POINTS


1. Let’s give thanks to God for bringing us to the end of 2019 in peace, complete and in good health.

2. Let’s also thank Him for this ministries, our helpers and all our family members, because, we shall not weep, sorrow nor have any emergency of trouble in any of the remaining days of 2019.

3. Let’s give God praise, because He shall make us possess all our possessions that are still hanging till date before the end of this year-{Genesis 27:37,38; Luke 15:12}.

4. Now, begin to appreciate Him, because He shall cross everyone of us, our helpers and all that are connected to us into 2020.

5. Let’s thank Him because, the year 2020 shall be beginning of the year we shall begin to experience God’s glory tremendously like never before- {Exodus 33:18}.

6. Let’s thank God for greater open doors for manifestation of multiple divine favour, of breakthroughs, of blessings, of miracles, of testimonies of reasons to celebrate throughout the year 2020.

7. Let’s thank Him for a glorious, better, greater, peaceful, healthy and wealthy 2020 for us and all that are connected to us in this ministries.

8. Holy Spirit we thank You sir, because we shall be seeing more and mighty move of your Person, of Your characteristics better than before from 2020 in this ministries.

9. Almighty Heavenly Father, we thank You for Your divine protection throughout 2020, because we know none of us in this ministries, none of our helpers, or our loved ones shall enter untimely grave- Isaiah 14:20.

10. Lord Jesus we thank You, because we shall have several reasons to come to give You thanks by the end of the year 2020.