WEEK (4) FOUR { 30th November to 6th December 2019 } PRAYER POINTS


WEEK FOUR PRAYERS SCRIPTURES–>> {Exodus 24:13-18; Psalms 24:7-10; Luke 24:12-34, 36}

  1. In the name of Jesus, King of glory, from the remaining days of this year and beyond, envelope this ministries, our senior pastor and all in your Shekinah glory afresh.
  2. Our Heavenly Father the King of glory, in the name of Jesus, from now on cross to the year 2020 and beyond, set this ministries, our altars and all the personnel on Your glorious fire.

2B. Make us to be forever burning on fire for You

  1. { READ JOHN 7:37-38 and MATTHEW 3:16 and use to pray as follow}–>> King of glory, in the name of Jesus, as we are praying here now, begin to soak our Senior Pastor- Apostle Bamidele Ojo and all the ministries workforce in Your rivers of glory like never before.
  2. {READ Psalms 149:5 and Psalms 16:11 and use it to pray as follow}—> Oh God the King of glory, in the name of Jesus, starting from now, may we and all that are connected to us be swimming in Your glory and in the benefits of Your glory.
  3. { READ PROVERBS 4:9; ISAIAH 28:5; 62:3 and PROVERBS 16:31 and use it to pray as follow }–>> Oh God, I realized that for my head to be crown with Your glory, I have to live righteous;
    From today, I surrender myself to You, wear me completely with garment of righteousness.
  4. {READ COLLOSIANS 1:27 and pray as follow}–> Oh LORD my God, from henceforth, I surrender my spirit, soul and body to Your Holy Spirit, come and be dwelling, walking and be communicating afresh in me.
  5. { GENESIS 32:1; EXODUS 3:2 and JUDGES 6:11-12 and pray as follow }–>> In the name of Jesus, Oh God my Creator, open me up, open all of us up to angelic ministering realm.
  6. { READ ACTS 7:2 and pray as follow }–>> Oh God our heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, just as You appeared to Abraham, by Your mercy and grace, begin to appear to me, and to all of us in this ministries daily.
  7. { READ ISAIAH 60:1-2 and pray as follow}–>> Oh God the King of glory, in the name of Jesus, as we are crossing to the year 2020, make everyone of us in this ministries, our helpers and friends the evidences of Your glory.
  8. { READ HEBREWS 9:5 }–>> Oh God of glory, as we pray now, in the name of Jesus, overshadow this ministries, the senior pastor and everyone of us with Your Shekinah glory afresh.
  9. { Psalms 29:3 }–>> Oh God the Mighty One in battle, in the name of Jesus, let Your weapons of thunder fight, and be fighting whoever or whatever stands or would dare stand against any of us in this ministries, or against any of our helpers and friends in the year 2020.