By: *Apst. Bamidele E. OJO*
SUNDAY: 9th Nov. 2019


Text: Hebrew 1:8; Psalm 106:3
*MEMORY VERSE*Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people (Prov.14:34)

*MESSAGE:*The world of God in Psalm 35:27 says God has passionate pleasure in the prosperity of His people. Prosperity is good. It’s one of the greatest desires of all men. Even the mad persons on the streets like it. They like acquiring properties. Haven’t you seen them going around scavenging whatever they see on their ways to themselves. To them, they believe they are acquiring properties. Prosperity simply means, the state of being successful. Though, many narrow prosperity on just having abundance of material, financial possession. That’s not absolutely correct anyway. Prosperity goes beyond that. It broadly means, successful in all things, in all ramifications. Sometimes ago on this devotional, I released a topic titiled ‘You Can Prosper While Living Righteous.’ I was moved to speak against some persons wrong notion that, if one is righteous, faithful, truthful he or she cannot prosper like others who play pranks and cut corners in the society. From the word of God, the best secret to easily slip into everlasting and peaceful prosperity is padded in walking with God, and in meeting up with Biblical instructions or standard for mankind. Heb.1:9, one of today’s text says, loving righteousness gives the righteous upper hands above others. Disappointingly, we have even heard some Christian said, as long as you don’t steal in the office or in business, you cannot be more than an average persons in financial prosperity. That’s a lie anyway. See God’s stance on prosperity to His children in these scriptures: Zech.1:17, “..Thus saith the Lord of hosts; My cities through prosperity shall yet be spread abroad;” My cities in this scripture means, God’s temple. Hope you know whoever is a true Christian is a temple of God { read 1st Corinth. 6:19-20}. And God’s mind for them is to spread and establish abroad through divine orchestrated prosperity. Psalm 35:27 says, whoever is on the side of righteous cause of God shall have reasons to shout for joy; shall be glad continually. The last part of this Psalms also revealed to us that God has pleasure in the prosperity of His people. But, this prosperity can only come if that Christian who desires prosperity is among God’s people that stand on the Lord’s side of: [i] Righteousness Proverb 14:34a says, “Righteousness exalteth a nation.” Again, according to Job 36:11, other secrets to prosperity of a Christian are:[ii] Obedience to God, to His servants and to His word (2nd Chr.20:20) [iii] And rendering service to Him (Deut.10:12; 13:14; 15:5). Do you want to prosper as a Christian without doing what the corrupt world does? Just adictedly adopt and practice these above stated secrets. Then you are on your way to thriving in kingdom wealth. Lastly, remember, the ‘b’ part of our memory scripture says, “but sin is a reproach to any people.” Incase you live in sin and things still work for you, don’t be deceived, a time is coming when the workings might stop working. My best advice to you, if you don’t want reproach in any form, stay off all sins completely.

1. Thank God for abundant prosperity in Christ.
2. Lord, deliver me from negative mindset.
3. Father, give me the kind of prosperity that will shame the world.
4. Lord, help me to keep on obeying kingdom principles

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